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'Brain' the original exhibition was exhibited at Watt Space Gallery in 2019. Check out our virtual gallery & video teaser below.

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Curatorial Statement

The bi-directional exchange of knowledge between scientists and the public is often marred by real and perceived inequities in education, as well as poor accessibility in communication strategies used. These barriers can be conquered by 1) genuine collaborations between the community and its scientists, 2) the incorporation of the arts as a vehicle for and expression of the science, and 3) the development of exhibitions pitched in a common and inclusive language. Employing these principles, a multigenerational group of scientists, artists and the community were engaged to share knowledge on the complexities of the Brain.

The works were a combination of scientific images with a creative influence, scientific animations, and exploration of the brain, digital projections, and illustrations, interactive educational representations of the brain and neuropsychological puzzles and challenges. Scientists worked both independently and with artists to produce the exhibits.

The exhibition was curated in a way that allowed audience observation, interaction and contribution. Importantly, it is accessible to an audience across the lifespan. Visiting the exhibition will enable the audience to learn about, marvel at, experience and contribute to brain science research in a fun and dynamic way.


Michelle Kelly – Curator

Alex Callen

Gillean Shaw

Stuart Marlin

Sonja Pohlman

Kristen Pammer

Michael Vamvakaris

Aaron Wong

Helen English

Emily Freeman

Emma Heath

Cassandra Gauld

Bryan Paton

Jane Shadbolt

Nic Foulcher

James Stuckey

Joerg Lehmann

Jesse Bourke

Warren Reilly

Chris Dayas

Julia Shaw

Louisa Magrics

Megan Clarke

Vicki Maltby

Cassandra Griffin

Kim Wallis

Michael Breakspear

Paul Tooney

Michael Fay

Nikola Bowden

Moira Graves

Paul Egglestone

Zoe Roberts-Thomson

Felix Bonus

Michael Cowan

James Cowan

Amanda Cowan

Patrick Cooper

John, Ken, George and Bert – Belmont Men’s Shed

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  3. You can then either choose to press the ‘next’ button or use your keyboard and mouse to navigate the gallery